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Bedroom Lighting

Designing the perfect lighting for your bedroom may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be if you separate the room into manageable areas. Instead of only thinking about the room as a whole, look at each area and the function it serves. By picking out fixtures for the ceiling, the walls, the closet, and the bedside tables, you can make sure each area has the lights it needs, and there’s plenty of illumination for the entire space. At Southern Lights, we have an outstanding selection of bedroom lighting from which to choose.

General Lighting

Your overhead, or ambient fixture, provides the general lighting for the space, but it shouldn’t be the sole light in the room. It should provide enough light by which to see, and installing a dimmer will allow you to control the level, and raise and lower it based on the mood or time of day. This fixture can be a small chandelier, a ceiling fan with a light kit, or a flush or semi-flush fixture. The right fixture will most likely depend on the dimensions of your ceiling.

Task And Accent Lighting

Adding accent fixtures will not only improve the lighting in the bedroom, it will also enhance the aesthetic. Bedside lamps will provide light by which to read, and track lighting is ideal for any artwork displayed on the walls. Rail lighting or recessed fixtures near the ceiling can accent any design features of the room, and recessed lighting in the closet will make it easier to see when picking out your clothes for the day.

If you’re shopping for new bedroom lights for your home, come to Southern Lights today. You can view a variety of options in our online catalog, or visit our showroom in Burnsville to see the fixtures for yourself!

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