How to Use Flood Lights in Your Outdoor Design

How to Use Flood Lights in Your Outdoor Design

Jun 13th 2022 Staff

Outdoor flood lights can add a lot of variety and interest to your outdoor living space and design. They are great for highlighting certain landscaping design elements, such as trees or fountains, and they also offer great security. Southern Lights is a lighting showroom located in Burnsville. Our team of trained lighting designers have years of experience that we use to help you with your outdoor lighting needs. Below, we'll take a look at how to use flood lights in your outdoor design. Stop by our showroom for a great visual look, or browse online today!

Consider More Than One Flood Light 

Flood lighting is the type of lighting you see directed up at your home. They are usually ground-level lights that cast a wide beam of light, which is designed to showcase your home or features at night. While you can use just one flood light for your home, your home will look better with more than one light for symmetry. 

Consider Balance 

Flood lights are just one type of outdoor lighting used in landscape design. Thus, when thinking about adding flood lights to your outdoor living space, you should consider the overall balance and composition, as well as the story you want to tell others. 

Layer Your Lighting 

Most likely, you've heard that you should layer your lighting, which simply means the use of multiple types of lighting to create balance and a beautiful look. This same concept applies to exterior lighting. You want all of your types of lighting to interact and mix well together, so they come together to the human eye seamlessly. 

Don't Forget to Hide the Light Source 

By having the light source hidden, not only does this offer a cleaner, crisper look, but it also helps to fend off any glare from the light source. If you do experience glare, you can either reposition your light or use perhaps an architectural design feature, such as a nearby shrub, to help shade it. 

Keep Security in Mind 

Flood lights also double as one of the most effective security lights. This is because of their bright beams and their ability to be set on timers and/or motion sensors. Plus, flood lights are great for when you arrive home after dark and need the light turned on for you. When considering your outdoor design, you should consider where it would make the most sense to have motion-sensing lighting placed outside your home or office where it would be both utilitarian and stylistic. 

Keep Placement in Mind 

Outdoor lighting can quickly become too much if they are placed too close together. The light will be too bright and won't allow the other lighting to interplay. Plus, it may draw focus away from the actual features you do want to highlight. Let our expert lighting designers help you craft a beautiful landscape design you'll love. Schedule a consultation today. 


Flood lights are great to add warmth and curb appeal to your home. Southern Lights offers the best flood lights for your home or office building in Burnsville. Our lighting designers can help you choose the perfect outdoor lighting to showcase your place beautifully. We carry only the best brands, so you'll have exceptional lighting for years to come. With our wide variety of styles and finishes, you can craft a one-of-a-kind outdoor living space all your own. If you are interested in partnering with Southern Lights for your Burnsville outdoor design, stop by, or shop online today!

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