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Foyer And Entryway Lighting

Your foyer or entryway is what gives guests their first impression of the interior of your home. If they walk into a small, dark space, they may feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. With the proper foyer lighting, you can introduce your guests to your personal tastes, while giving them an idea of the type of design that exists throughout the house. At Southern Lights, we have an outstanding inventory of foyer and entryway lighting that can brighten your home’s entrance and improve the space’s overall aesthetic.

Foyer Chandelier

A chandelier is a great option for foyers with high ceilings, or entryways that span both floors of your home. The right chandelier can make a strong statement, act as a focal point for the space, and with both upward and downward light, illuminate any unique design or architectural features. We can show you a great variety of contemporary, Victorian, and many other chandelier styles.

Accent Lighting

You don’t use your foyer for too many tasks, so accent lighting is the only other vital component here. You may have a coat rack or coat closet in the space, or there may be a small powder room off the entryway. Wall sconces are great for lighting the lower portion of the space, especially if the chandelier is lighting the higher portion. It’s important for people to be able to see as they navigate towards the other rooms in the house, and if you have a staircase leading to the second floor, sconces and other fixtures that lead up the stairs will make for safe passage.

If you’re shopping for lights for your foyer or entryway, look through our catalog or visit our showroom in Burnsville to find the best options!

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