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Home Office Lighting

Your home office is where you go to get things done. You might spend hours in there, writing, paying bills, or completing a number of tasks, and having the proper lighting will ensure you don’t suffer from eye strain or mental fatigue while you’re working. At Southern Lights, we have an outstanding selection of home office lighting, and would love to help you find ceiling fixtures, desk lamps, and everything you need to make the space complete.

Task Lighting

The home office is one room where the task lighting is perhaps more important than the general lighting. The right desk lamp can make working on your laptop or sorting through bills much easier. You may also have a favorite reading spot in your office, and a well-placed floor lamp can be ideal when you’re starting that next book or sifting through the Sunday newspaper. It’s important to have lights that can be focused on your work area.

General Lighting

For your general ceiling light fixture, you’ll want something that illuminates the room, but doesn’t cast unwanted shadows on your desk or workspace. A ceiling fan with a built-in light could be a good option, or a semi-flush fixture. The height and breadth of your ceiling will often determine what fixture is best. Hanging fixtures aren’t usually a good choice, unless the space is large enough and you can hang them over your desk for a bit of additional light.

When you need new lighting for your home office, come to Southern Lights today. We have a great selection, and our lighting experts will gladly assist you however they can. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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