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Your living room is the main gathering space of the house, and you do everything there, from helping the kids with their homework, to watching a favorite movie, to having guests over for a party. The lighting in your living or family room has to be perfect in order to provide enough illumination for every purpose the room can serve. At Southern Lights, we have an outstanding selection of home lighting options.

Living Room Lighting

General Lighting

If you have vaulted ceilings or an open floor plan in your living room, a chandelier can work as the general light fixture. If the ceilings are standard height, a flush lighting fixture or a ceiling fan with a light kit will be a better option. Ceiling fans are great options for the family room, since airflow is important, especially when there are lots of people in the space. Our lighting experts can help you pick the ideal fixture for your room’s ceiling.

Task And Accent Lighting

The main area of your living or family room is most likely for watching TV and other family entertainment, but there are also other parts of the room for other tasks. You might have a special reading nook or area that’s dedicated to playing board games, and hanging pendant lights, wall sconces, and floor and table lamps can provide the perfect task and accent lighting for every activity. If you feel there are too many dark corners in your living room, please come see us today.

As your Minnesota lighting store, we want to provide you with the finest options at the best prices. You can look through our online catalog to get some great ideas, and then come see the fixtures for yourself in our showroom! We look forward to seeing you soon.

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