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Kitchen Lighting

Your kitchen is a versatile space, and it serves many purposes on any given day. You might make a quick cup of coffee on weekday mornings, but you enjoy making a full breakfast on the weekends. Your kids may use the kitchen island to do their homework, and whenever friends are over, you seem to end up in the kitchen. It’s important for your kitchen lighting to be bright enough to make the room inviting, and diverse enough to make each task easy. At Southern Lights, we have a full inventory of kitchen light fixtures, and will gladly help you choose the perfect ones.

Cooking, Eating & Cleaning

The main functions of your kitchen are cooking, cleaning, and eating. When you’re cooking, you need lights near the stove and above the counter areas while you’re prepping and mixing. The ceiling fixture most likely won’t provide enough light for those tasks, and that’s where under cabinet and hood lights come in handy. When you’re cleaning up after a meal, a bright recessed light above the sink will make washing and rinsing dishes much easier. When enjoying a meal at the island or in your breakfast nook, hanging or pendant lights will make the space much more comfortable.

Accentuating Design

Your kitchen lighting shouldn’t only be functional – it should also accentuate the design of the room. If the room has high ceilings or lots of space above the cabinets, LED lighting strips or upward-focused light around the perimeter of the room can highlight the space’s architecture. It’s also a great way to accent any decor or artwork.

When you’re shopping for new kitchen lighting, let Southern Lights provide you with outstanding options at affordable prices. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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