How to Use Lighting to Create Ambiance

How to Use Lighting to Create Ambiance

Apr 22nd 2022 Staff

Ambiance is the feeling or mood associated with a particular place. It's super important because you can have a calming mood when you enter a space, or you can experience a hostile, uncomfortable mood. Lighting can help set your ambiance, so you have the perfect feeling for your space. Below, Southern Lighting, a lighting store in Burnsville, will go over some great tips on how to use lighting to create ambiance. Stop by or shop online today!

Invest in Layered Lighting 

Multiple layers of light can create unique and cool ambiance settings that many people love. A smaller light source, such as a hanging light or pendant lighting, can be used with a cluster of lighting sources to create a soothing feeling.

Use Accent Lighting 

Accent lighting is a type of lighting that highlights a home decor object in your room, such as a picture or a painting. It can also be used to highlight a design feature, such as a fireplace. Recessed lighting is a great way to use accent lighting to create a cozy feeling in your space.

Blend Uses of Lighting

Most rooms have a very defined use. For instance, the kitchen is the room you prepare meals in; whereas, the bedroom is the room you sleep in. When you combine task lighting with other types of lighting, such as overhead lighting, you'll create interest and add to the mood.

Don't Forget About Natural Light 

Natural light has the ability to instantly lift our spirits, even when we're feeling down. By using the natural light that flows into a space, you can use complimentary lighting features to brighten the space permanently and add extra illumination when necessary.


Ambiance is crucial to a room, especially as a commercial business. You need to craft a space that is instantly welcoming and equally satisfying. Consult with one of our professional lighting designers today!

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