4 Reasons to Replace Your Vanity Lights with Sconces

4 Reasons to Replace Your Vanity Lights with Sconces

Dec 13th 2021 Staff

Vanity lights are the task lighting that most people use in their bathrooms. These lights can be a problem when you're trying to do your makeup or put on contact lenses, and they also have some major drawbacks for your bathroom design. In contrast, sconces offer great task lighting and improve the look of any bathroom. With their smaller size, beauty, and for other reasons, sconces are a fantastic option for bathroom lighting. Read on to learn more!

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Better Task Lighting

Sconces can provide task lighting from an adjustable arm that you can move to where it's most useful. In comparison, vanity lights shine light in a circular fashion and give off more shadow than task lighting.

Smaller Fixtures

Vanity lights take up valuable space on your wall or vanity, while sconces free up this space for other things!

Great Design Touch

Wall sconces can be a great design touch for your bathroom and add to the overall look of your space. Sconces are easy to coordinate with other aspects of your bathroom design, especially since Southern Lights has such a large selection for you to choose from!

Perfect for Double Vanities

Sconces are perfect for double vanities as they can be placed on either side of your mirror. Vanity lights, however, have to stay centered above the centerline of a standard vanity and don't give task lighting from both sides.

There you have it! Four reasons to replace your bathroom task lighting with sconces from Southern Lights. Shop our Burnsville lighting store today!

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