Advantages of LED Lights

Advantages of LED Lights

Aug 3rd 2022 Staff

As you may know, LED lights are the best of the best when it comes to lighting your Burnsville home or office. But do you know why? Southern Lights, a local lighting store located in Burnsville, MN, offers LED lighting products and light bulbs. Below, we'll take a look at some of the advantages of LED lights. Get in touch today!

LED Lights Use Less Energy

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) use less energy than other types of lighting, such as incandescent. They can turn up to 90% of their energy into light, which means they lose very little energy to heat production or from the transportation of electricity throughout the grid. This means less carbon energy is required, putting more money into your pocketbook.

LED Lights Last Forever

Forever may be a bit optimistic, but it can seem that way. LED lights last a very long time before they wear out and you have to replace them. The average LED light lasts around 25,000 hours, with many getting twice that length of time.

LED Lights Are Extremely Bright

LED lights are naturally brighter than other types of light bulbs, which is why you won't find wattage on LED lights. This is due simply to their design and components over their incandescent counterparts.

LED Lights Offer an Incredible Color Range

LED lights come in many different colors, which is why you see many people celebrate the holidays with colored lights. The actual diode is changed in order to alter the color of the light you see, which helps make Christmas bright indeed!


Southern Lights is a local lighting store located in Burnsville that excels at offering the best customer service possible. Our lighting showroom is the largest in the Midwest, where you can see all different types of lights for your home and outdoor living space. If you are looking for the best lighting selection and products, including LED lighting fixtures and light bulbs, stop by our local lighting showroom, or browse online today!

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