Creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted

Creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted

Jul 28th 2020 Staff

At Southern Lights, it is our mission to help our customers find the lighting they need to transform their home into a place where they can feel comfortable in every room. On a room-by-room basis, each space in your home needs the right lights in order for it to function the way it needs to, but there’s also the aspect of how you want the room to look and feel. In this post, we’re going to take a look at bathroom lighting and how you can create the bathroom you’ve always wanted!


If you look online at modern bathrooms or open a design catalog to view current bathroom trends, then you’re going to see a lot of luxurious, spa-like spaces. Interior designers often make the bathroom a focal point of a home, and with good reason. You spend time in there every morning and evening, whether that’s while getting ready for work in front of the mirror or unwinding with a hot bath at the end of a long day.

When it comes to lighting, this spa-like feeling can be achieved through multiple means. A small chandelier on the ceiling can add to the elegance of the space, and dimmable wall sconces can enhance the ambience, especially during those evening baths. While you still need bright, functional light, mixing together ambient, accent, and task lighting will make your bathroom more versatile, which only adds to the level of comfort and convenience it can provide.


Lighting styles today range from very minimalist to extremely elaborate and ornate. When you think of a bathroom, you might think of clean lines and very little embellishment, or you may think of beautiful curves and lots of small accents. Everyone has their own tastes when it comes to their bathroom, and your lighting style should fit yours. With the number of brands available in our showroom, you can browse through a variety of styles and asks questions of our staff regarding certain fixtures that catch your eye.


Not all bathrooms are the same, and your master bath might seem small when compared to the examples you see online or in design catalogs. While you may not have the same square footage as your neighbor, a new lighting design can work within any size of room. Fixture placement and lighting controls, when integrated properly, can change even the smallest bathroom into a spa-like space that you love using on a daily basis. You may not need as many fixtures as your neighbor to transform your space, which means you won’t be spending as much either!


If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom lighting with the latest trends and styles, then visit our showroom today. We love meeting new people and hearing about their vision for their home, and we’re always ready to answer questions about design, layout, and more. We’re here Monday through Saturday, so feel free to stop by when it works for you!

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