How Outdoor Lighting Increases Your Home's Value

How Outdoor Lighting Increases Your Home's Value

Aug 3rd 2022 Staff

Having a cherished outdoor living space has become a relatively new feature that homeowners and future homeowners want in a home. From having an outdoor spa area to a beautiful garden with a waterfall, Burnsville residents want to be able to enjoy nature right from their own backyard. Southern Lights is a lighting store located in Burnsville. We are proud to serve our community with the best indoor and outdoor lighting. Below, learn how outdoor lighting increases your home's value, and get in touch with us today!

Adds Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting adds curb appeal to your home, plain and simple. It makes your home beautiful at night and can highlight architectural features. Plus, great lighting can even make your outdoor living space look bigger, which is a great selling point to interested buyers.

Increases Safety

Let's face it, thieves don't want to be seen, so when you have a well-lit home and outdoor living space, thieves will be less likely to target your Burnsville home. Plus, when you have pathway lighting, as well as deck lighting and other lighting around your outdoor elements, you'll decrease the risk for slips, trips, and falls.

Improves Ambiance

Lighting has an innate ability to change the way we feel, based on color temperature and style. Great outdoor lighting can set an inviting, warm atmosphere that appeals to everyone, including potential buyers.

Makes a Yard Feel Well-Maintained

Outdoor lighting takes effort on the part of the homeowner, which shows others that this home is well taken care of. Beautiful outdoor lighting sends the message to others that you care about the house, which only improves its market value.


When designing your outdoor living space, it's best to have some great advice. Our lighting designers have years of experience helping you choose the best outdoor lighting for your stated needs, from hanging lanterns to pier mounts. Schedule a free consultation today!

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