Our Wide Selection of Hinkley Lighting Fixtures

Our Wide Selection of Hinkley Lighting Fixtures

Feb 21st 2023 Staff

Hinkley Lighting is a top name in the lighting industry, and Southern Lights in Burnsville is proud to carry a wide variety of Hinkley Lighting's fixtures and fans. Learn more below, and shop with us today!

What Is Hinkley Lighting?

Hinkley Lighting has been one of the top lighting companies in the United States for decades. Founded in 1922, the company has been providing high-quality lighting fixtures to both commercial and residential customers. They have a wide selection of products ranging from traditional to modern, and their products are known for their durability and beauty.

Why Choose Hinkley Lighting?

Hinkley Lighting has a long history of innovation and quality. They were one of the first companies to use the latest technologies to create long-lasting lighting solutions. They were also the first to introduce modern designs for residential lighting. Their lighting products offer a unique combination of style and function, making them a popular choice for both homeowners and businesses.

What To Expect With Hinkley Lighting

The company takes pride in their craft and has a commitment to customer satisfaction. They strive to make sure their lighting and fan products are designed to last and provide superior performance. Hinkley Lighting has a wide selection of products to fit any customer’s needs. From outdoor lighting, to chandeliers, to recessed lighting, they have something to suit any style. They also offer a range of accessories and components to help complete any installation.

The Best of Hinkley Lighting

Whether you are looking for traditional or contemporary lighting, Hinkley Lighting has something for everyone. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service make them a leader in the lighting industry. With their wide selection of products, they are sure to have something to meet your needs.


Let our expert team at Southern Lights help your home or business in Burnsville shine brightly. Schedule a free consultation to discuss Hinkley Lighting today!

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