Sonneman: Straightforward Lighting Designs

Sep 13th 2023 Staff

Sonneman is a brand that embodies the principles of modernism, functionality, and simplicity in lighting design. With their straightforward approach to creating lighting fixtures, Sonneman has become a trusted name in the lighting industry. Southern Lights carries Sonneman fixtures to elevate your spaces. Learn more below, and shop today.


Sonneman embraces the principles of modernism, which emphasize clean lines, minimalism, and the use of innovative materials. Their lighting designs reflect a contemporary aesthetic that seamlessly blends with modern interiors. Whether it's a sleek floor lamp or a minimalist pendant light, Sonneman's modernistic approach brings a fresh and timeless appeal to any space.


In addition to their modern aesthetic, Sonneman prioritizes functionality in their designs. Each lighting fixture is thoughtfully crafted to provide optimal illumination and meet the needs of the user. Whether it's adjustable arms for directional lighting or dimmable options for creating the perfect ambiance, Sonneman ensures that their fixtures not only look great but also perform at their best.


Sonneman's commitment to simplicity is evident in their clean and uncluttered designs. They believe that lighting should enhance the space without overpowering it. This minimalistic approach allows their fixtures to seamlessly integrate into various interior styles, providing a sophisticated and understated look.

Straightforward Approach

What sets Sonneman apart is their straightforward approach to lighting design. They prioritize clarity and simplicity in their designs, making it easy for customers to find the perfect lighting solution. From wall sconces to table lamps, each fixture is carefully curated and crafted to make a statement with its simplicity.


Sonneman embraces the principles of modernism, functionality, and simplicity in their straightforward lighting designs. Their commitment to clean lines, functionality, and minimalism sets them apart in the industry. Our lighting designers can help you find the perfect Sonneman lighting fixture. Stop by our Burnsville lighting showroom, browse online, or schedule a free lighting design consultation today!

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