Tips to Make Your Office Lighting More Cozy

Tips to Make Your Office Lighting More Cozy

Oct 6th 2022 Staff

Your employees spend a good part of their day in your office, so you want to ensure they are in a comfortable environment where they can be productive. Office lighting plays a big role in the function of your office, as well as the mood. Southern Lights in Burnsville has years of experience in helping area business owners have a top-rated office lighting system. Learn some great tips to make your office lighting more cozy, and shop with us today!

Look For Ways to Incorporate Natural Lighting

Humans, in general, can gain a lot of benefits when they are exposed to natural light. In fact, studies have shown that employees who are exposed to more natural light sleep better, exercise more, and have an overall better quality of life. In addition, natural light can boost employee productivity by more than 40% and creativity by up to 15%, which can make a world of difference in your business. Thus, try and design your office space around windows, and even integrating lighting control systems to dim artificial light when natural light is present can do wonders in your office space.

Invest in Lighting Control Systems

Speaking of lighting control systems, lighting control systems in offices are wonderful to have. Not only can they save your business a lot of money on energy costs by ensuring lights are only on when rooms are occupied, but they can also allow the user to control the amount of light in a room, such as with dimmer switches. Other lighting control devices that many people forget about are blinds and curtains. You can use blinds and curtains to control the amount of natural light in a room, as well as help with energy costs, too.

Choose Different Types of Light Bulbs

Light bulbs have different temperatures, which allow you to control the atmosphere of a particular space. For example, cold lighting temperatures (or those that are bright white) give off a large amount of lighting into the room, which is great for tasks. However, warmer lighting temperatures (those that give off more of a yellow shade of light) can help set the mood and are great in rooms such as break rooms and meeting rooms. Simply look for the color temperature scale that is usually measured in Kelvins on the lighting packaging. Warmer lighting is less than 3000K, and brighter lighting is greater than 3000K.

Invest in Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

Your office space does not need to have all fluorescent lighting that is in long tubes to cover a large space. In fact, you can create a very cozy environment just by switching up your lighting tasks. Some great office lighting that can truly create a warm environment that Southern Lights offers at our Burnsville lighting showroom includes pendant lighting that can hang above tables in the gathering spaces, lamps that can contribute to reading and research corners, and accent, eclectic lighting that would go well in employee breakout rooms or lounge areas. If you schedule a lighting consultation with one of our ALA-certified lighting designers, we can help you choose the perfect lighting for your needs.


Southern Lights offers the best commercial lighting in the Burnsville area. We've been helping interior designers, contractors, home builders, business owners, and more with their indoor and outdoor lighting needs for years. When you schedule a free lighting consultation, our expert lighting designers listen carefully to your needs in order to ensure the perfect office environment. Schedule a free lighting consultation with a lighting designer, or browse online today!

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